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~ Nicci in United Kingdom

This video revealed so many spiritual truths that I will have to listen to it again. It was truly an encouragement to keep on going on this restoration journey from someone who has been there. Erin is completely transparent and relatable, pointing us to God throughout. She answers so many questions that are faced at the time and reaffirms that God is in control - no matter what it looks like - with a reminder to trust Him.

~ Teena in Texas

This video for me was truly an eye opener because I was at a place in my restoration journey where I was asking myself why does it feel like I am at a standstill in my journey? While watching the video when Erin asked," Is it fear and obedience that is holding you back?" It was like a light bulb went off and I was able to see that was the area that I needed to seek God to help me to overcome to help me to let go of my fear and to be in complete obedience to Him. What a relief I felt because finally I was getting on the right tract headed in the right direction I do not have to worry if I am doing everything right I just have to seek Him and He will help me... Praise God! This video has helped me so much!

Dorothy in Pennsylvania 

The information reinforces going to God for everything. I get tired and weary and the video helps me to remain committed, let go and let the Lord do his will. Thank you, God bless this ministry and everyone involved in bringing it to me. I have been wandering without help or guidance until God intervened and opened this ministry to me.

Stephanie RESTORED in North Carolina 

I watched all the Videos. I want to write a review of all of them because I just keep going back to them to be encouraged. I have been restored but I go back to them for better understanding and also to be able to minister to another woman. I know that we must keep Gods principals before us everyday, The enemy wants to steal from us all the time and he is very sneaky with his tricks. God is first in my life and I walk by faith not by sight. I am learning to capture my thoughts and do not speak out of the flesh but to speak what his word says.

Rina in Singapore

The video is good as it encourages me not to fall apart during trial and tribulations but to lean into God and overcome it with God's help.. and that there will be blessings during this trial and tribulations. And not to blasaphme or be and speak negatively about circumstances....Fasting is encouraged. Seek God more and do what God has said to do..Be careful of what I say not to be in agreement with the enemy but inagreement with God.

Tame in Michigan

This is a great and inspiring video. Erin opens up and helps me to understand how to understand and apply the word in a matter I did not know how to do. I look forward to all the videos she had made. This is recommended for all age and people because there is so much to learn here.

Well worth every minute to view. Great learning tool and good for all people. 

Diana in Guatemala

I am incredibly motivated as I hear Erin speak her heart. My eyes have been opened in such a way that I want to ( and have) ran to the Lord begging him to change me!

Laurence in Canada

J'ai beaucoup apprécié les références bibliques qui m'aideront à me changer en tant que femme pour devenir plus humble et à l"image du Seigneur. 

Otina in Michigan

This video was full of scripture based principals that let you see why things are going the way they are and it shows you what stage you are at in your marriage restoration. and letting go is the is 1st stage

Sasha in Trinidad

This video was excellent and just in time. All of the things that Erin spoke about concerning intimacy and divorce is what I am going through presently and I know that you my love answered me through Erin. I was wondering for a while whether or not I should inform my husband that if we get divorce, then we can no longer be intimate but the scripture, "Even a foolish man is condisered wise when he keeps silent", kept coming into my mind. Well this video confirmed that I just need to be still and wait on you my HH. Thank you so much Jesus for the ministry and for your love in always answering me.

Orien in Indonesia

This video inspired me especially in my situation. Thank you erin you taught me how i should be a godly women.

After watched this video I promise to myself to keep a good attitude. And will asking God allow to change me to be a new women.

Mayela in Texas

I loved it. It made me realize I need to just let my husband go, even if it's not what I want, and not how I feel. I'll let him go and do whatever he want. I don't want to proceed with the divorce, BUT if that's what he wants, then he can file, and I'll agree, but since I filed, I'll be dismissing the case, and following what God wants. Thank you, this was an encouragement that I needed.

Raquel in Brazil

That was a really good encouragement. I tell God everyday to change me, to fill me with His holy spirit, it's all what i need. Jesus be with me, i need you. i belive that God can use my future testimony to encourage others, God here I am to be used by You. 

Thanks Jesus for all what You have done in life so far, and God i know that the best is coming, was Your promise and i believe in it.

~ Cinthya in Guatemala

I love that it actually spoke to me. God is so good that when i need something and i don't know which way to go He makes sure i know the right direction. Praise The Lord!!! this was just what i needed. It was really encouraging and i just can't thank God enough for there videos and ministry

I think this is really what i needed. This one video particularly encouraged me because some times i do get tired and sometimes i do have many people around me telling me where to go or how to walk this path and this video reminded me of how great it is to just listen to the Lord even when our circumstances call for wordly advice or when there is no hope. He is always faithful and i only need to trust and seek only Him, sometimes it is difficult but He has put His Word and this videos to lift me up again.

Also, I found this video very helpful and clear about the things we must do in order to save ourselves a lot of pain such as letting go and not standing in the way of the wicked etc. I think Erin really has a heart for hurting women and I could feel her love through this video and it is such a confort to know that God loved us enough to have sent her ahead of us and to have her share the truth with us. Though my marriage is not my priority right now I think is always helpful to be reminded of the things we shouldn't do and why it is important that we let go and find our Lord as something more than our Savior.

I just really liked how in this video I could feel the love Erin has for us and that she really cared for us as her audience. I could feel her kind of pleading with us to follow the principles in the book since this would not only mean a restored marriage but also, that we would be pleasing the Lord which is paramount to our lives. I think He really wants us to obey Him in everything and not just in some things because He really cares and wants us to have the very best always. Right now, in my life I've had to forgive a lot and it's been getting harder and harder to do, but this video reminded me that I am not the one to do it, God does it for me and I could be just a channel for forgiveness. I received so much in this video, I refreshed the knowledge that I had when I read the RYM book but that I was sort of forgetting or not applying anymore. I don't know what I'd do if God hadn't led me to this ministry and these vide os, they have become such encouragement tools for me it's nuts!

Raquel in Brazil

Rebellious this I was. When my husband took the divorce papers, throw me out of home and sent me back to Brazil, and because of no money and still not job, i am living with my mom. My mom, i remember she was used to say that i was always very rebellious :( that's so sad, I mean, I feel shame because of that. I already had during this time here with my mom that we argument and she said the same thing over and over. This video opened my eyes for that. That I really still rebels, i must to be more humble. Jesus i recognise my sin, please forgive me and purify my sin with Your blood, i don't want to be anymore rebellious. God be with me and teach me how to walk with You, Jesus give the humble heart as Yours. And thanks for all, because You God are showing me everyday something new. In the name of Your son don't give up on me, but keeping paciently teaching me. I want to serve You with my heart and actitudes. Amem.

I am so glad to be part of this ministry. Erin God bless you every single day more and more. 

On these video the fases of restoration journey, God spoke a lot with me, I am so happy because was You God who lead me to this ministry when everything was without hope to me. You're my hope, my God, my everything. Also "Let him go" a very important principle.

Simply as that...Everything is possible to God the Creator of the universe. God is simply so perfect and good.

All the principles are important to learn and keep it inside our hearts. I am in the season of fall/winter in my restoration, there is distance, not contact , and I know that isn't time to contact or anything else, i am not prepare yet. Sisters I prayed to God asking Him to change me all, heart, thoughts and behaviours before He bring my husband to even contact me, i really don't wanna behaviour or feel as my old me, i want to be transformed by God hands and i'm pretty sure that He wants the same thing. But i have faith that the spring/summer is coming very soon on His time, and it will be much better than ever was, because He promised me that --> 

Ageu 2:9 

The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

I am so glad and happy because God guide me to this ministry, even in the middle of trouble in my life I can see He doing the work little by little and honestly God really knows what to do, He knew that crise in my life was the only way to drag my attention to Him, He wants me only for Him. Well the subject of this video was really important, sometimes I catch myself thinking about that, and feeling fear of what will happen and how it all will be after restoration. But trying always when it happens I pray to Him and give all my thoughts to Him to work and give me peace, the peace that devil always want to steal from me, but God fortunately He is with me and this is all what I need. 

Thank you God to use Erin to give as the encouragement and the knowledge about Your principles and willings.

Erin thanks and ladies let's all of us keep encouraged. 

Denise in South Africa

Erin explains that I shouldn't feel bad because it is He that has removed me from my husband .And He is the one that will return him to me .Also that God will not restore if I act like Pharisee .She also explained that our husbands are our spiritual leaders no matter if or if they aren't Christians .Our protection is our husbands . Only God has the power to move our husbands but it has to be done through our prayers .

I learned that I should not befriend the OW in any way acting like I'm more "righteous" than she .I should not slander my husband in any way lest in gets back to him .Satan is a deceiver and will use any means to get me to do things that are not even called by God . Seek God if we feel uncertain about a certain thing .Even if our husbands cannot see what we are doing we need to be as in my case submissive to my mother . To honour her . I need to repent form my rebellion as a child I used to be rebellious . I thank Erin for revealing these things to me through our God .

I was reminded how I should not argue with anyone .I should portray a gentle and quiet spirit. I want to start to look differently to being the haughty person that I used to be. If I do have pride it has to be pulled out of me.To be and stay humble. Also that attitude is important what type of attitude I have towards certain things. I have to have a good attitude. I also need to know when to keep my mouth shut.As my tongue will destroy me. Being haughty is really bad , to think and act as if I am better then someone else .

Ana in Minas Gerais

Eu vi que tudo q a Erin fazia antes de ter o contato profundo com Deus as coisas só pioravam.Depois que ela passou a escutar o que Deus estava falando pra ela e seguir com o que Ele pedia as coisas começaram a ir mudando.

Kim in Texas

Always encouraging and informative. Erin puts a listener at ease with backing everything with scripture. Thanks for taking the time to make all of the materials available!

Shayla in Louisiana

Eye opening and awesome information. Erin you really opened my eyes to see scriptures in a different context to how I personally interpreted through reading the bible and how others had used it to justify my situation. I feel at peace and know even more about the importance of letting go not just in action, but in speech and mindset. Speaking from where I'm at now, ladies please change before its too late. If you have the opportunity to let go before divorce Do It.. 

These videos are a reinforcement of principles grounded in the word. Thank you again RMI for opening my eyes of understanding God's word with plainness during this Restoration Journey. Erin really allowed the lord to lead her in answering many questions that came up and were confirmed for me this week. Each thought was backed by the word of God. So I know it's the truth. I have written down all the scriptures to review tonight during my prayer time. 

Yes, renew your mind. This is what I struggled with on this journey. Thoughts casting down those imaginations contrary to the word. This video was right on time to encourage me in this area. Equip me on how to fight in the spirit and get closer to God. He alone is the source of our help. Thanks for the continuous encouragement here at RMI. Thank you

Juliette in New Jersey

The video did speak to my heart about the things that I have been learning all week.

I learnt that I am to let go of my husband if I haven't done so already. The scriptures given confirms that I indeed have to get out of my husband's way and let God. 

Also I have learnt not to call for anything unless he calls and ask. 

I have to praise God for all things not some things because he is in control of my situation and will bring me out.

I know now that is it actually for my good that God has removed my husband for a season because I am not ready for his return yet and I am rebuilding my relationship with God. He is the potter and I am the clay and he is molding me. I would rather my husband doesn't come back when am not ready and him leaving again.

I have to stop violating God's word. Whilst my situation looks hopeless if I look up to God then my situation becomes manageable as God is not helpless. Is there anything too difficult for the Lord? God if you want me to love my husband again remove the fear and put the agape love back. This is a must for everyone un forgiveness and bitterness can lead to some kinds of cancer. God instructs as to forgive 70 times 7. Help me God to forgive everyone and everything for my own salvation and wellbeing. I do not want to go to my husband for my needs but go to God. My God shall supply all my needs. 

I am glad that I am not crazy to believe that God will restore my marriage and that someone agrees with me. And even if it doesn't happen I will embrace the new Juliette that God is working on and molding.

Fabiane in Parana - Brazil

I loved what Erin say's. I agree with her that we are not suppost to do as the world says we should do. I also coul pray and ask for forgiviness for telling bad things about my ex husband to my closest friends and now I will pray that they forget that. And I can avoid telling bad things by being quiet and how true is that! 

~ Jaciara in BRAZIL


Migdalia in Puerto Rico

Wow very encouraged through this video now I understand why I have felt various changes in me. Erin talked of letting go and I have as a once "Stander" I felt I was doing things wrong because I was not trying to contact my husband ...it s just that when I did I felt he tried to push away but when I let him contact me it felt peaceful. It's not easy but when they contact us there is much more harmony ...because as Erin says yes they feel they are loosing us ...my husband confirmed this when he called awhile back and asked what are you doing and I answered washing the car he asked why don't you call ...I answered well I don' t know on your busy schedule when you can talk so I wait. He said I miss you! To me this is a praise report for if I were the one calling he would act cold. Another is I have learned to be still and present the Lord all my needs and one way or other He brings an answer He is really our spouse ...our provider in all are needs not just financial.

Also I love the way God uses Erin to tell us to get out of the boat and walk on water .Just like Peter did but without taking your eyes off Jesus. It's also very encouraging to know that I am not the only one being way down with everyone casting on me their opinions and sometimes making me wonder if they are right and I am the one wrong .it's reassuring to know that I am not the only one walking on RJ that there are others also we are not alone. Amen

A very encouraging scripture filled me with the previous videos full of wisdom imparted by the Holy Spirit Erin takes you by the hand and gives you scripture and how she applied it to the situation at that moment and how God answered .She also gives you examples on how other women used certain scriptures and how the Lord answered them . It's a nugget full of knowledge and wisdom it teaches how we are to use scripture in our RJ :) Love it ...Thank You Erin may God Bless You

Yes, the way Erin did these videos it's like having a face to face conversation . I highly recommend it .It's full of scripture and knowledge from one who's been there and went through and has been fully restored .

Lisa in California

This video dealt with a few of the things I am dealing with now. Thank you Lord!

I am in agreement with Erin about Getting out of the way & Letting go. Psalm 1:1 was seen in a new light for me today. I have read this scripture many times but today when she read it this stood out....."Nor stand in the way of sinners"

Thank you Erin for being sensitive to GOD's calling. I know it did not happen overnight. It was a process. But thank you for not giving up when your circumstances looked hopeless. Your encouragement is awesome! I pray that GOD will also show me how to encourage Women to stand for their marriage.

Also, I thought it was awesome that Erin was in the office recording while little children were napping and older children doing homework. My children are unruly most of the time. I am encouraged that if GOD could do it for Erin, he will do it for me. 

Concentrate on the Lord! Let GOD do what he needs to do! Seek Him and ask Him to move! God is in Control!

I've learned about being submissive to your husband when he asks you to do something......I've always tried my best to be obedient but like Erin explained about her van. Be obedient to your husband then CRY OUT to the Lord! Tell him your concern. GOD will handle it. 

Erin, I wanted to thank you for giving examples of things that have happened in your life and the life of others who are standing for their marriage. I think indirectly we do the "wrong thing" because we think its the right thing. For example, telling people we are standing for our marriage. I had also told people I was standing for my marriage. As I look back, it probably did get back to my husband. 

Thank you for "warning signs"

Thank you for being encouraging and always giving GOD the glory!

Karen in West Virginia

Very good information. Opened my eyes to a lot.

Jenna in Minnesota

Once again God used Erin to calm my fears about my restoration journey. My fear was that since my husband is geographically very far from me and not speaking to me, that I couldn't apply these principals. Erin points out that it's because I'm not ready. That God is using the distance and time to develop our relationship and give me the time to make the changes. God truly uses Erin to speak His words of wisdom.

If you need to hear God speaking to you out loud through another person, this video is a must-watch. My biggest fear was that I knew God COULD restore my marriage, but I wasn't sure if He WOULD. When Erin started the video with the statement that if you were thinking or battling those thoughts to KNOW that those thoughts were an attack from Satan, God was speaking to me through Erin. Our first battle is to understand that ALL things are possible through God. Once we conquer that battle, Satan comes at us with "well maybe it's not in God's will." If you need to hear that the restoration of your marriage is God's desire, you need to hear what Erin says.

This video gives practical, Godly wisdom for encounters you will have with your husband. Erin takes Scripture and applies it to real-life situations in which you will encounter. She explains each point and then substantiates it with words from the Bible. She also uses examples to prove God's faithfulness in her own life. 

If that weren't enough, at the end, she reminds you that God will restore your marriage. It's a practical lesson, ended with much, much-needed encouragement.

I want to tell you that when I went to counselors and people of God, I desperately needed to hear that my marriage could be restored and that it was God's will and desire to do so. I couldn't find the encouragement I needed. Instead I was met with support that God would take care of me while I moved on and would bring someone new into my life. I found marriage ministries that helped, but God urged me to keep searching. Keep knocking. And then I found this ministry. It's practical. It's real. It's eye opening. It's convicting. And it's encouraging. 

This video speaks the truth about how difficult this season of your life will be. But if you've been led to this video, you already know that. If you're looking for someone to speak absolute, Biblical truth to you while still making you feel encouraged and cared for, God's word through Erin is what you need.

Once again this video gives God-given insight, wisdom and practical advice on how to conduct yourself in your marriage and throughout your restoration journey. If you don't watch this video or get in God's Word, you're almost guaranteed to mess up your restoration. If you've gotten to this point where you're debating on watching or purchasing this video, then you've already decided that you want your marriage restored. Also, if you've gotten to this point, the things you've tried on your own have not worked to fix your marriage. Watch the video, realize what you've been doing wrong, repent and then continue on your restoration journey, INFORMED and ENCOURAGED!

I started this video when I was feeling very anxious. After listening to the Lord speak through Erin, I fell asleep halfway through the video, NOT because it was uninteresting, but because I started feeling peace listening to God's Word. I love reading His Word, but sometimes having someone speak it to you can really help! 

You may think the other woman or the big "sin" in your husband's life is the thing that is keeping you apart, but after watching this video, you will know its your spiritual pride. Get ahold of that now and don't waste any more time!

April in Florida

Excellent and informative! I would like to thank you for providing this video. Seeing someone actually provide a testimony to God's promise and a marriage restoration journey make it even more 'real'. Once the first video concluded I was so eager to see more. This video has motivated me so much. There were so many things said that I needed to hear. 

Also, Erin touched down on things that I needed to hear. The testimony regarding the woman that list her father was so touching. Seeking his face is something that I need to do more of. When Erin mentioned how she just lied on the floor with her nose touching the carpet and her arms streched out in front of her, when she was experiencing a bad time, I really felt that this is what I so desperately needed to do, as I tend to harbor feelings inside of me. 

Erin speaks of a situation regarding finances which I have recently had to discuss with my FH. The principles discussed in the video help us to handle these situations with gentleness, kindness and understanding. This is an excellent ans informative video. Thank you!

The video offers a lot of information about what can be hindering your stand. For me it touched down on an important message about honoring your mother and father. This is something that I have wondered about recently. I wanted to know if it would affect my walk with my HH and restoration journey. I got all the answers I needed in this video. Now I can apply the principles that this video has provided to continue to get closer to The Lord and become the obedient wife and mother that He wants me to be. Thank you Erin!

Rachel in Georgia

This is an amazing testimony of how important it is to let go of your marriage and husband because God has allowed this time of pain to happen for a reason. Hearing examples about how Erin did it wrong and then how God led her to do it right, how letting go brought her more peace and allowed God to work in her heart and her husband's heart, to bring change in both of them is so helpful and powerful.

Simone in South Africa

One thing in specific I learnt is to never give up on the Lord no matter how difficult the situation seems.

Tebogo in South Africa

Forgiveness is the best medicine in our lives. I learned that I have to forgive so that God can forgive me . To ask anything from God and he will give it to me. She gave an example of asking for how to love her husband and how to show her that love . God always answers and provides for our needs. I thank God for opening up my eyes through this ministry . Now I will take all to God in prayer.

I learned that I should see my situation as God sees it. He can and will restore my marriage. Some problems in our marriages are not marriage related. God is using them to bring us closer to Him. Only if we can focus on Him alone then our problems will be solved. We should also break our pride and accept was is happening. learn to let our husbands go and not be clingy.

Crystal in Okinawa Japan

This was exactly what I needed. I am in almost the same exact spot. Thank you for Gods word. I feel blessed to know I have hope.

Lindiwe in South Africa

very very encouraging. thank you. I am continuing to learn a lot from the videos. very inspirational, motivating and encouraging. While watching the video God showed me areas of repentance. The video is very very informative. I really learned a lot and I very much enjoyed it. Thank you

~ Maria in Texas

I loved it. I've been learning to let go and let God. Ive been calling on the Lord more. Especially if i get angry. I pray for my FH but i also pray for changes in me.

Crystal in Washington

I can not praise this video enough. I cried and cried through the whole thing. Good tears, tears of hope and joy. Gods word is so precious and good. He loves us so much. Anyone who is hurting or had doubt needs to watch this. The passages that are taught are invaluable. Gods word is of love, promises and hope. Thank you for making this, praise God he gave you the wisdom and direction to incourage and teach us. May the lord bless you and your family. May the lord bless us who watch this and that we too can minister the truth.

Mary Ann  in California

This video was very helpful to see Erin's face and hear from her. It encouraged me to let go and let the Lord be in control and even though things are not great on this end he does not need to know all that. I need to be not just saved but have Jesus Christ as first in everything and then the Lord will show me how to approach my marriage.

Well the Lord through this restore ministry is convicting me of what we represent as a bride to the Lord. That the way I have treated my husband in a negative way of not being submissive and then having my husband in first place was all backwards. The Lord wants to be first and once he is than he will give me the agape love. This is the time for me to hear the Lord. I put all the blame on my childhood and then I put my issues to be because of my husband. When all along the Lord want ed me to surrender and used all this as a way.

Mindy in US

I loved this. Letting go is a difficult thing for me to do but I have let go and Let God take control of my marriage. I learned not to chase my husband which is also very difficult. After 24 years, this is the hardest journey I have had to take. He is working in me.

Also, It talked about forgiveness and how important it is to forgive others. I have learned to forgive my husband for his adultery. If I had not started my walk with the Lord, I would have never forgiven him.

I loved this video ..How God is so faithful to our prayers.. Look at the blessings in the mist of the storm.. God is working in all our marraiges..Praise to our Mighty Jesus Christ .. This video was very very encouraging to me..Thank you!! Be still and wait..with God, all things are possible!

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